Capnovum’s platform utilises the latest technology, to enable automated, real-time horizon scanning of regulatory changes, and proprietary algorithms for analysis to provide an in-depth repository and presentation of regulations relevant to each industry.


Banking, Markets, Insurance, Pensions
& Data Protection
Supranational Jurisdictions
Regulators & Supervisors
Acts, Regulations, Standards & Guidelines
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platform features

Horizon Scanning

Our cognitive compliance management facilitates horizon scanning through proactive alerting of regulatory changes across multiple jurisdictions in real-time.

Impact Assessment

Instant, granular and fully automated impact assessments of regulatory changes to your people, processes and technology, leveraging our horizon scanning and bi-directional lineage between your policies and procedures and the regulations that affect you.

Regulatory Change Management

The timely identification of regulatory change is important, however, even more critical is the effective implementation of these changes. Our platform provides integrated PMO tools that track implementation progress and manage risks from gap analysis to effective remediation.

Joint Learning Methodology™

Capnovum’s Joint Learning™ Methodology leverages valuable knowledge and experience created within your organisation, best practices, thought leadership and our PMO tools, to further develop your team, mitigate risks and ultimately reduce costs.


Underpinning our real-time platform capabilities, is a comprehensive repository of regulations, standards, obligations, control frameworks, regulatory updates and AI-powered insights that allow you to access data when you need it, the way you need it.

Omnichannel delivery & API’s